Friday, February 24, 2006

Purple - The New Black?

Great ranges of purple have been prominent throughout the shows in NY, London and Milan. Purple is a wonderful winter colour and looks great on most people. With this type of message we know exactly where we're heading for fall 2006.

From left: Williamson for Pucci, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Bluemarine

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fashion Photo Show In Sydney

Sydney fellow fashionistas - this is for you guys! Book yourself in for the Fashion Photo show tomorrow, a one off event, taking place at the State Library of NSW. Some of the leading Australian fashion photographers are exhibiting their work from the runway shows around the world. We also get an insight to the studio at Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Oh, and don’t miss to watch Zoolander after the exhibition.

What: Fashion Photo Show
When: Tomorrow at 6.30-7.30pm
Where: At Mitchell, State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What’s On At the V&A?

Remember the Vivienne Westwood exhibition we mentioned some time ago? Right now, the Victoria and Albert Museum has so much on we feel like jumping on a plane back to Blighty tomorrow.

Fashion-ology, 2 February - 23 April 2006
This exhibition reflects Anna Piaggi's exciting life as a fashion editor, muse, trendsetter and style icon. One of her dearest work tools, a bright red 1969 typewriter is shown, and judging by the way we usually see her, she'll have that typewriter teamed up with matching red lips. Way to go, woman (though not sure if that old typewriter is still hanging on). But just look at her - don't you think she looks great here... totally over the top of course. Expect to see samples like her Double Pages for Italian Vogue, or Doppie Pagine as they call it. Her book Anna Piaggi's Fashion Algebra is most likely sold here too.

Popaganda, 1 February - 1 May 2006
JC De Castelbajac - or JCDC as he's called amongst kids. Castelbajac, who's been in the industry for 40 years, is mostly famous for his colourful designs and love of humour. Art dresses shaped like Coke bottles, soup cans, and Lucky Strike cigarette packs are part of his repertoire. He's also designed garments for Charlies Angels' Farah Fawcett, Pope John Paul II (!), Diana Ross and Madonna to name a few.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Despite the fact that Mary Kate Olsen was listed on Blackwell's Worst Dressed-list, her work with twin sis Ashley hasn't put a stop to her aspiration. Pale looking they arrived to Sydney yesterday for the launch of their fashion labels Boho Fever and To Dye For. This is a fashion line primarily targeted at Sydney's "tweens", but has got tremendous attention sadly enough. Along with the Olsen's sisters, we can only expect to see these kinds of career moves over and over again. Just look at J Lo, P.Diddy, Gwen, Posh Beckham, and Liz Hurley to name a few. We've all heard of the Bird flue and the Mad cow disease. Well, this is the much-feared I've-no-talent-but-I'm-going-into-fashion-design plague.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Karen's Fall 2006

When Vogue set up 4 pages worth' of image-coverage you know it's got to be special. Not synonymous with glamorous, but essential enough to provide that sought after space in the fashion world, that usually comes down to well-deserved recognition. When Karen Walker has showcased in the past we've seen a limited space of 2, sometimes 3 pages. For Fall 2006, Karen is up there with media coverage we'd only expect after a Marc Jacobs show.

Brought up in the 80's listening to music such as The Smiths, Adam and the Ants, and Cyndi Lauper, we simply adore this type of retro-trip. Fold your trousers in a funny way, mix stripy, polka dot and plain, wear brightly coloured thick scarves, weird socks in platforms, and shapeless short jackets. Steal one of dad's ties, borrow your boyfriend's cardigan, and remember there's nothing funkier than skinny pants.... A trip down memory lane is always a good one. A meeting with Molly Ringwald, Nena and Human League is just the added bonus.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Michiko Koshino – We Salute You

London, RTW A/W 2006. Japanese designers have a predictable way of delivering fashion in the most un-predictable ways. Sydney-siders who visited the exhibition “Cutting Edge - Fashion From Japan” will probably agree with us on that. But where we're thinking mostly of Hiroaki Ohya’s un-wearable red neckpiece from the “Wizard of Jeans” series, the pieces that Michiko Koshino delivered yesterday seemed almost tame in comparison.

Saying that we love this kind of fashion would be a tissue of lies, but we have a certain respect for the avant garde, the creativity, and the somewhat timeless-ness that lies within this type of complex work. Working predominantly with safe colours like sand, off white, champagne and chocolate brings the niche of a daring collection like this to a more accessible level. Then you throw a bit of silk, taffeta, and chiffon all mixed together – and the pieces do grow on you. We look at these images and they make us smile. But it’s not because of the airbags on the shoulders, or the mish-mash of threads on a - seemingly - normal skirt. It’s because we’re sat here in frayed Misfit jeans - just like a billion other fashionistas these days.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now You Know

OK, we have to admit it; we were drooling over a rather splendid-looking computer bag in January last year, but that was all. Since then, things seem to have gone somewhat pear-shaped. We’ve seen so many rabbit-fur coats, fox drapes and mink jackets in his shows, that we’re literally beginning to wonder if Julien McDonald is an offspring to Ronald. But hey, it’s great though, don’t you think...? Say you’re up for a piece of dead fox over your shoulder, and you’ve no idea where to find one. Then all of a sudden you realize who you should contact - Julien McDonald or good ol' Ronald!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

All In The Details

Nothing beats a Goddess frock on the podium, right? Sequin-embellished, neckline-plunged and a fabric so rare you'll need a 2006 released fashion dictionary to read the trim label. You know for sure - as soon as you see the gown - it'll end up in a stinking-rich celebrity's walk-in closet; only to come out at Martini evenings and lah-di-dah. Gowns may be the attention stealers on the runway, but for most fashion slaves, the reality comes down to the details and the label's signature pieces. Take for instance Anna Sui's excellent way of throwing together a pair of boots, a handbag, a pair of tights, and a coat all so whacky it would make anyone look a billion dollars. Now that's what we call fun, creative fashion!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Not A Bad Hairday

Don't we just love this woman... Madge was simply glowing at the Annual Grammy Awards, giving the camera crew a generous amount of time for lots of really good close ups. We'd love to know her hair stylist, but would consider a break from the weight room a good choice.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

When Marc Rocks

Trust Marc Jacobs to throw on a show no fashion-flashy mag editor can predict. Last season we saw him delivering preppy high school uniforms to the sound of Nirvana's "...Teen Spirit". Unlike other fashion labels, where recognition is somewhat the name of the game, this man has no interest in making us look traceable one season after another.

This season it was time for loose flannel, leg warmers, oversized knitwear and a few mushroom hats to enter the stage. The effortless, cool, multi-layering effect was prominent throughout the show. It was the kind of A/W collection, which makes us dream of walks on snow-covered paths (naturally wearing Marc's pumps and thick, tucked in socks). Colour-wise the full autumn palette was represented; key shades were mostly 'earthy'. Nature tones like buff, pale grey, granite and brown dominated the show. A few splashes of rusty orange and mustard gave the full collection that extra buzz. Our favourite pieces were a flounce cape, a pair of puffy shorts, and a gorgeous sleeveless coat with front excess fabrics. And as for the elbow-length, skin-tight leather gloves, well we'd sell our souls to the Devil for them.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Would You Bow For Luella?

Where do we start? At the many cropped jackets, which recalls a very recent déjà vu-kind of feeling? Or with the tacky 80's style badges on a shapeless denim jacket? Or perhaps with the tartan; which appeared on stage in too many different variations. No, wait, we're not finished here... give Luella Bartley the (fashion) power, and she'll have bow-ties hung on all fashion-savvy necks globally. We're not sure whether we hate it or love it. But we're expecting to go cheapskate shopping for 'Luella-bows' at H&M, Zara and Cue in no time.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sass & Bide Fall 2006

"...Just when she thought she was safe, coz she'd already got herself a few pieces from the 'Pyrotechnic Tuesday' collection. Just then, when she felt that those Misfit jeans would be doing OK for a few more weeks... THEN it was time to get hit really hard with another Oh-my-God-I-need-that!!-experience. It was the kind of fearful, merciless sensation that would creep up on her sometimes; overwhelm her, haunt her, completely take her off in the most ludicrous direction. She recognised the symptoms by now, and realised she'd be stuck with this reaction for the rest of her life..."

Guys, you just have to imagine the forewords written by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton here... We could publish the end to this tacky trash-novel, but fear we'd be snapped up by a desperate publicist in no time. No, let's just leave it at this. All we can say is; we look forward to seeing these pieces soon - in our wardrobe.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

On Our Legs In April

Finally an update on the 'Lover for Levis rumour', we talked about some time ago. In April we'll be able to get hold of their release, a limited edition, consisting of two jeans models, known to be the hottest stuff since Habanero-chillies were found growing. Ornate with "contrast stitching, oversized plastic buttons, and secret monogram printed inner waistband", this sounds a real improvement from Levis' traditional designs. But will this edition live up to the high expectations? Well, that we leave to a lucky few to answer; only 1000 pairs will be available, all sold in Australia and New Zeeland. More information here.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Terse Tees

Sick of pointless T-shirts lacking attitude? Then check out the snarky prints from Spoiled Celeb's collection! As the name suggests, there are tons of cruel (read hilarious) messages about celebrities, but they have a real go at moronic politicians, and narrow-minded fashion-fads too (tons of laughter at our own expense). For those of you with thick skin - you've gotta love it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Totally Un-Jealous That You Wouldn't Believe It

Our internet colleagues at Almost Girl and Fashiontribes will be covering the NY Fashion Week straight from the shows in NY. Aargh! No doubt they'll take front rows wearing nothing but the most covetable shoes, looking fantastic in their gorgeous fashion pieces. No, we’re not AT ALL jealous. Not the tiniest. In fact, we’re just as happy spending our time in front of an overworked laptop, getting square-eyed from reports on what a 'faaabulous time, dahling' everyone is having... We're drinking dull, decaf, skimmed cappuccinos, while the NY fashionistas are topping their glasses up with another tres magnifique bouteille de Château de Chasselas. No, we don't even LIKE that sort of thing anyway...