Thursday, February 09, 2006

When Marc Rocks

Trust Marc Jacobs to throw on a show no fashion-flashy mag editor can predict. Last season we saw him delivering preppy high school uniforms to the sound of Nirvana's "...Teen Spirit". Unlike other fashion labels, where recognition is somewhat the name of the game, this man has no interest in making us look traceable one season after another.

This season it was time for loose flannel, leg warmers, oversized knitwear and a few mushroom hats to enter the stage. The effortless, cool, multi-layering effect was prominent throughout the show. It was the kind of A/W collection, which makes us dream of walks on snow-covered paths (naturally wearing Marc's pumps and thick, tucked in socks). Colour-wise the full autumn palette was represented; key shades were mostly 'earthy'. Nature tones like buff, pale grey, granite and brown dominated the show. A few splashes of rusty orange and mustard gave the full collection that extra buzz. Our favourite pieces were a flounce cape, a pair of puffy shorts, and a gorgeous sleeveless coat with front excess fabrics. And as for the elbow-length, skin-tight leather gloves, well we'd sell our souls to the Devil for them.


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Uniforms Are For The Imbeciles Who Can't Add. Uniforms are pointless. I argue against them. Check it out on my blog.

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