Friday, January 27, 2006

Balloon Skirts Anyone?

Good to see that our fashion predictions for 2006 are backed up. Take a look at Jean Paul Gaultier's contribution to the spring 2006 couture shows, for instance. Apart from a generally mind blowing collection, he's also bringing out plenty of bubbly skirts, dresses and pants to add to the balloon-trend. We can't get enough of images such as this, where he's teaming up a black, chiffon halter-neck dress with a pair of lichen-green coloured tights... simply divine!


Blogger SoAzic said...

La jupe ballon j'ai du mal! Et là la robe ballon!...Mais bon c'est comme tout il faut s'y faire mais bon il ne vaut mieux pas faire un mètre 40 pour porter ça! lol

My fashion blog:

6:48 am  
Anonymous Kathy said...

What are they thinking???

7:30 am  
Blogger Jonathan Rasmusson said...

When is QuikSilver coming out with there jupe ballon?

I want to catch a wave and look good all at the same time.

Just wondering.

Surfer dude

9:27 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

JR: Good question - It's important to look super fantastic whilst riding that tube.

11:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the u-k n apsolutley luv fashion (spesh the new dior gourmet bracelet, which i hve in urban chic!!! "Show off!!!") Anyway, soz 2 say this but them skirts r mingin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll stik 2 mini, pencil n boho skirts thanks!!!

7:23 am  
Anonymous Pandora jewelry said...

Cool blog!

7:11 pm  

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