Friday, January 06, 2006

Fashion Predictions For 2006

What can we say? The Manolo is full of creative ideas... this time, he’s bringing on the dispatch on what we’re likely to see in the streets of the city in 2006. Now, as there are tons of keen readers and writers of this subject, you’ll have noticed that we’ve touched this subject loosely already; the fashion predictions for 2006, that is. Well, darling fashionistas, here we go...

- A high waist (generally speaking) is of course the way to identify yourself as a true fashion slave. Trousers, jeans or skirts, no exception.
- The ‘balloon skirt’ will continue to be an often seen garment. Again, a high-waisted balloon skirt is what will stand out.
- Ribbons instead of belts. Ribbons instead of jewellery, ribbons coz they're fun!
- Colours: Calm neutrals are big this year – sandy beige, cappuccino, mud, off white, light grey, and black. If you’re going for a more colourful range, then a multicoloured, disorganised effect is better, as opposed to a matching, in-harmony effect.
- Shoe-wise: Skyscraper-high is the name of the game. The heel should either be chunky-straight, stiletto-skinny, or just the commonly-spotted perfect v-shaped heel. As long as it’s excruciatingly high, you’ve cracked it...
- Prints/patterns: Veggie prints on blouses, tops will be the ‘new Chloe banana-top’, if you like. We’ve already mentioned Carolina Herrera's radishes, but there are a few other designers who’ve clearly taken a cue from the veg patch. The military trend will be replaced by a more exotic, tropical safari trend.


Blogger Surfing Free said...

I will just be happy to see the end of the boho look! I knew I was doing the right thing by resisting those flowy peasant skirts. Bring on the veggie prints I say :)

11:38 am  
Blogger Barneys Girl said...

Check, check, check. So on the mark. Am looking for an high waisted balloon skirt myself.

2:08 pm  
Anonymous Agathe said...

High waist and high heels... It's going to be a great season! :)

11:31 pm  
Anonymous Tania said...

I have to say, high waists scare me a tad (mostly for jeans, skirts are fine)... perhaps due to the reminiscense of the horrid 80s ones...
BUT there are many out there who were never actually suited to the ultra-low hipster trend (for obvious reasons) so let us pray they cover up! It might just be a classy trend to behold.

4:05 pm  
Anonymous antique fundraising said...

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3:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with everything except the chunky bracelets/bangles - even the celebrities still wear them and I dont think anyone really influences the masses as much as the celebrities/media. Just a thought.

8:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one thing i cannot stand is those horrid 80s boots that everybody wears. their terribl! they look like pirate boots.
somebody please give them the boot!

9:24 am  

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