Tuesday, January 03, 2006

coolchiq Wishes Happy New Year!

Finally, the festive season is over - Happy New Year everyone! And when we say ‘finally’, we say that with a split feeling indeed.... it means going back to work, doing the usual ridiculous hours. But it also means going back to the normal diet, instead of the usual Xmas food and drink intake. It means waking up every morning in a city so hot, that you’d have no problem frying an egg on the car engine cap. We’re also happy being back in the cyber world, coz we believe that 2006 has a lot to offer fashion wise. This is the year when low-slung pants will die out. [Rhetorical statement]. And the soft, floaty silhouettes strutting down the streets – please spare us the multi-trillion copies. What else do we have? Ah, yeah, the military thing... Honestly... unless your grading is ‘officer’ or senior, then don’t go down this road.

The same old trends, the same old looks are seen everywhere, in multiple devices. We’re quite happy to see Vogue and other magazines walking through the leave-it-in-2005-lists. Love it, hate it, but you will get affected.


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