Friday, December 23, 2005

Especially For You

The permed, giant hair under a floppy sun hat... the obscenely tight, gold lame hot pants... the metallic ‘elf like’ cape... These are just some of the many outfits we’ve seen Kylie Minogue in throughout her career. Needless to say, she’s a style icon of her time, and it’ll be fantastic to see the exhibition that the Powerhouse Museum are now setting up. Show casing 30 of some of her most spectacular outfits, it’ll also feature unique photographs, costume designs (plus info about the designers) and audio-visuals.
What: Kylie: An Exhibition
Where: The Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney
When: 26 December 2005-7 May 2006
Who: All Kylie fans or gals that love creative costumes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Years!

4:04 pm  
Blogger Surfing Free said...

Oh yes, I managed to catch this exhibition on the hottest day of the century in Sydney and while I was sighing with pleasure at the feeling of airconditioning my eyes were boggling at the teeny-tinyiness of Miss Minogue! Lordy, my three year old would hardly fit into those outfits! It was great though :)
Happy New Year to you!

9:56 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

hahaha - you mean that day when somebody turned the oven on to +45C... Quite amazing how hot Sydney gets in the summer time. Anyway, must go and check out this exhibition of course. Happy New Year!

5:32 pm  

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