Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Definitely An Unrattling Story

Throughout this year, we've seen an overdose of chunky beaded necklaces, gold medallion pendants and ethnic Arabic princess bracelets. As such, it's a great relief to look at the forecast for accessories in 2006. Finally we're moving on! Yes, we can't wait to see cleaner, more simple lines, bold colours and the odd future-realistic piece of necklace. Pay attention, darlings; if you have to make a statement, make it BIG and romantic, and clean. But do not, by any means, get confused by the passed boho deluxe/hobo/so... (what the hell was it called anyway??) Take a cue from Chloe like this or Chanel's splendid way of turning a tweed dress into something quite magnificent. Whatever direction you choose, remember less is more. Oh by the way, if we see one more 'Gypsy Rose Lee impression' on the streets today, we're gonna be sick, we're telling you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too got tired of seeing layers upon layers of beaded necklaces/bracelets-wood, metal, fabric...I'm looking forward to 2006's minimal accessories.

PS: I love your blog!

7:30 am  

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