Monday, December 12, 2005

Attention NYC Fashionistas!

We know you can all shop 'til you drop, there's nothing new about that... but if you, NYC coolchiqs, are sick of running round the shopping mall for a change, we suggest you head down to the National Design Museum, and check out the different fashion exhibitions lined up this season. One of them is the "Fashion In Colors" exhibition. As the name suggests, the theme is focused on colours and the different aspects a particular colour can signal.

"....The Cooper-Hewitt's current show examines hue as a design element through 300 years of Western fashion. Each of the exhibition's five rooms is lit in a specific shade, illuminating not only the matching clothes, but also the psychological or cultural aspects of that particular tone..."

Other exhibitions are "A Perfect Fit: The Garment Industry and American Jewry" and Staley Wise Gallery, an amazing phography gallery (one of the images shown below).


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