Sunday, November 27, 2005

Miucca Prada’s View On Things

“... we needed to get back to a more substantial quality and away from frills and frivolity. I thought about how I could introduce this new simplicity, which still involves a lot of work, a lot of ideas (see Summer 2006 collection). A designer absorbs everything that is happening in the world, and communicates that back through their creations. We live in a very interesting time, and I don’t understand those who think the contrary. I do not understand how people can be pessimistic. I find it fascinating that through fashion you can reach so many different worlds and people. If they buy your bags and clothes it means that you are connected, that you are talking the same language....”

These are words by Miucca Prada, published some time ago in The Times. The article also covers Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret’s view on how style is evolving. Interesting stuff - go and read it!

Also, if you were one of the lucky people that spent the evening in the British Museum last night, you would've had an amazing time listening to Miucca Prada’s words live. Fingers crossed that The Sunday Times Style will give us a more thorough report on this soon.


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