Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yeah But... No But...

Call us 'scatter brains' or other insulting names. We meant to do a "coolchiq loves..."-theme, but couldn't quite make our minds up for one pair. And the reason? Ooh - the simple fact that there are too many shoe options. Yeah, we kid you not - it's, it's, its.... completely NERV WRACKING. So, what do we like then? Well, we particularly like these "Olive green suede Mary Jane-heels" by Rubert Sanderson, a label featured at Vogue today. The Hollowould "Zebra print Ballerina Pumps" are really sweet too, and Miu Miu's "Studded Wedges" would make the most average denim outfit look totally sparkling. Jimmy Choo's daffodil yellow "Cotton Strap-shoe" is the most romantic shoe we've seen in ages. But our favourite shoe this week is Miu Miu's "Wool floral Embroidered Clog". Decisions, decisions, decisions...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Karen Finch said...

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