Saturday, October 29, 2005


No, don’t let the subject fool you. We’re not jet lagged. We’re not planning to be. In fact, we haven’t even been on a long haule flight for quite some time now. No, the title relates to the website with the same name. And why do we mention this? Well, as you all fashionistas know, you usually end up doing a fair bit of preparation before you’re off travelling somewhere. Preparations that either may change the whole travelling experience, or just a brush up your knowledge of the place you’re about to visit. We’ve mentioned the Where To Wear collection, that’ll give you an interesting read of what the fashionistas in, say, Milan may look like. The many different streetwear sites are other entertaining sources (needless to say we’re not suggesting you should try to copy the styles, but use this information as guidelines).

Other brilliant reads are J3tlag that’ll give you very well covered information that would appeal to any vagabond wherever you may be. Delivered in an attractive shape, this site delivers great stuff, covering the areas News, Global, Domestic, Adventure, Business, and Fashion. It’s thanks to coolhunting that we got to hear about the move of Beneath (Swedish street wear shop now based on Kungsholmen, Stockholm), and the opening of the Ice Bar in London, etc. Definitely a coolchiq vagabond thing, if you were to ask us.


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