Thursday, November 24, 2005

Levi's Got A Lover

Think 12 hour-shifts at a stiff telecom company. Add lack of social activities, sleep, and (most of the time) bad hair days. Well, that’s pretty much how our days have been shaped recently. Despite this - or perhaps because of - we’re really excited to hear that Levis have decided to get their act together. Finally! Yes, Levis will do something interesting. So, fashionistas; raise your hands anyone if you too, spent most of your teenage years in a pair of ‘classy’ old 501’s (and have since tucked them away somewhere up in the attic). OK, we’re at least one person.

Joining temporarily with Lover, Levis will be releasing a limited selection of their work in March. Expectations are a jazzed up version of Levis' “Tuff Skinny Drainpipe”-model. A maximum of 1000 pairs will be produced, which makes this venture even more interesting. More of Lover’s superb stuff can be found here. And for Levis' stuff, well.... ehhr, you might as well ask your dads.


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