Sunday, November 13, 2005

After Shoppping At Atelier

Helsiniki may not be the first place that springs to mind if someone mentions the expression ‘Shopping Spree’. But let’s not be ultra-square and think in those old fashioned terms... Helsinki has so much more to offer than what most people would think. A good reason why their design - both interior and fashion - have become so popular around the world is because it’s so unique. Fashion wise, we’re thinking immediately of Marja Kurki, Ivana Helsinki, Marimekko, and Nanso, but these are just some of the domestic names on the map. So let’s focus on the real subject then – a celebratory post-shopping-drink in Helsinki. We would immediately send you off to Atelier, located at the top floor of Torni Hotel. This place has an amazing view over the city, in all it's directions. Now, because of this, it does get a bit touristy... but don’t let this put you off. This is the perfect place to start your evening with a few quiet drinks, and then move on somewhere else.
What: Bar Atelier
Where: Hotel Torni, Yrjonkatu 26, Helsinki
When: Anytime after 5pm, get’s very busy at weekends though
Dresscode: Anything goes; straight-from-the-office-smart, casual, hip, ultra glam...


Anonymous joseph said...

hi i wondered if you saw the interview about the model they did on she's talking about cellular tech...

8:32 pm  
Blogger misscinnamon said...

Jealous. Helsinki sounds fab.

5:48 pm  

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