Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gone in THIRTY Seconds

No, we’re not misspelling some totally dreadful Nich Cage film. We’re talking about the collection Stella for H&M of course. Reading other coolchiq’s blogs, it sounds as though it was just as unbelievably mad, as it was last year when Lagerfeldt was introduced. “Feeding time in the hyena cage," is how Vogue describes the launch. But of course we are jealous. Knowing that tons of Europeans/Americans are lucky owners of a Stella McCartney garment is hardly gonna set us in any other mood. Knowing also what effort you’d have to put in, in order to get hold of this collection is far from anything covetable. Needless to say, we would’ve loved to have been there. Oh well, we can always try e-bay.


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