Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Radical Radishes

We're sat here waiting for oozing hot fashion/trend indications from NY, but so far.... nothing new has been presented. The make up artists seem to have been let loose with the eye shadows in some cases, in others they didn't seem to bother turning up at all. On the clothes front, skirt hems have seemingly been taken up a bit, "Empire" waistlines are still gonna be there next year, and Oscar de la Renta; well, he likes his clutch bags in all shapes and colours. And what with the shoe issue, check out Kenneth Cole's best-of-the-league so far. To be perfectly honest there's nothing much worth raving about. Having said that, we do think that Carolina Herrera's choice of bringing the radish onto the podium is divine; her collection stands out from the rest so far.


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Herrera has radishes, DVF has artichokes... what's up with the veggies?

7:51 am  
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