Friday, August 26, 2005

Liz For Oz

2005 will surely be a year for Liz Hurley to remember; she started renovating her multimillion dollar Gloucestershire farm, and has turned it into something of a top notch paradise. She carried on wearing those pure white, tight pants that gave ‘doesn’t-leave-much-to-the-imagination’ a new meaning. She turned 40, and organised a cosy birthday bash at her farm, for 150 of her closest friends. This year, she's come to the conclusion that children should have perfect, nutritious, unadulterated food, so the idea of a food brand is in process at the moment. But most importantly, she's made one of her career dreams come true and unveiled Liz Hurley Beachwear. This line was released at Harrods on 12 April, and has been a huge success since. And finally - and the reason why we’re on about this British uberbabe - on 30 August we’ll all be able to shop Liz’ beachwear at David Jones. Note for all Ozzie girls – Liz’ white signature trousers are part of this collection.


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