Wednesday, August 10, 2005

City To Surf

Well, as the observant reader will have noticed we haven’t been updating the fashion site quite as often as we’d normally do. This is simply because of the challenge we’re in for. Sydney’s City to Surf run is due to kick off on Sunday 14 August at 9.30am. Not only are we in the city itself at the time when this is due, but we’re running the full race of 14km. A mad training schedule has been our best mate over the past weeks. OK, a race, what the hell does this have to do with fashion you might wonder (and quite rightly so)... Tons, is the answer. Here are a few arguments that we find highly appropriate –
- 40,000 participants will be running this race and an estimated 60,000 viewers will be there. That makes at least 100,000 people to look cool in front of. In other words, signing up for something like this is not just a race, it’s an investment, and a perfectly good time to get that sought after Stella McCartney gear.
- The race finishes off on the beach, which means that a purchase of a new bikini is on the agenda.
- The race is a great inspiration to keep fit, to make you stronger and more able to persevere in the shopping mall. After all, shopping is hard work, as you all know.
- Treating yourself after completion of the race is compulsory, and will work as a carrot throughout the race. Think at least a hand bag treat, or a pair of shoes... Both will undoubtedly work more efficiently as a carrot.
- What race is complete without champers, dahling? Sod the boring stiff habits of Sebastian Coe and the likes. And who said that we shouldn’t take lessons from the Formula One business?

Now if all this doesn’t argue for itself [which we find it hard to believe], then you should check out the rest of our check list for inspiration to fitness. OK, enough of this - it's time to get back on tread mill again.


Blogger annber said...

Hm, har aldrig tänkt på att träning kan vara bra på det sättet också. Ska tänka på det när jag står på gymmet imorgon och svettas :-) Det kanske till och med kan öka min motivation lite...

Nu går jag på 4 veckors semester!! Hurra för mig!!

5:03 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Ha en underbar semester och tank pa mig minst en gang om dan!

7:58 pm  
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