Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Kids On The Block

In amongst all of the fashion news we can only make one comment – there’s certainly enough beauty lines to keep most of us happy at the moment. However having said this, listen to all of this...

In September Elle McPherson will launch a beauty line named appropriately “The Body”. The range will include cleansers, detoxifiers, exfoliators and moisturizers. Keeping in line with her Intimates lingerie brand Elle aims to offer top of the range products at competitive prices. If she manages to pull together the same success as for her gorgeous lingerie line, we’ll be majorly impressed.

Tennis player Serana Williams is also taking up the tradition of releasing a beauty/cosmetics line.

Armani’s release of a makeup line is something we’ve been waiting for with great excitement. As the cosmetics line is now available at David Jones, we’re off to check it out tomorrow.

And talk about new kids on the block... well, putting Ralph Lauren deliberately in this category may not be the most appropriate way of treating an oldie, but that’s where his ending up anyway. Ok, let’s be honest – we’ve never been big fans of Ralph Lauren’s fragrances, but his new fragrance, the exclusive “Pure Turquoise” doesn’t stop our interest to check it out. “Pure Turquoise” will be launched in Saks Fifth Avenue and Neumann and Marcs in mid-September for the price of $350 (better bloody be good). Holding top notes of lily of the valley, indigo violet petals, and orange, and after tones of vanilla bourbon and rum, this sounds like a good case for the excellent blog Now Smell This to study.


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