Saturday, July 02, 2005

Trends We Love

- Bangles - the bigger, chunkier and brighter the better.
- Long beaded necklaces, worn in many layers. Preferably breaking off a completely different colour to add a deliberate 'un-coordinated look'.
- Skinny jeans and retro pumps - minimalism giving a lean silhouette that brings to mind a cool rock chick look.
- The tiny bolero jackets we've been on about before; this is sure to be a trend that will last throughout the year. Cropped jackets were commonly seen in the runway shows in the northern hemisphere and most recently at MAFW.
- Hawaiian Island Imports wonderfully tacky hibiscus ear clips, Hawaiian skirts and matching bags. Needless to say, none of the Hawaiian stuff could be worn all at the same time.
- The Jungle/safari fashion inspired by colours, textures, tribal prints and accessories from Africa.
- The Edwardian/Victorian influences with elements of puffed sleeves, high necks and romantic lace.
- The cinched-in waist. What better way to feature a slim waist line, bring out the femininity, and yet at the same time low key and elegant. Pictured below is one of Willow's many wonderful pieces presented at MAFW.


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