Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Europe For Myer

Myer is famous for its strong focus on domestic labels, and a real treat for that reason too. Holding a rather extensive selection of Australian labels, department stores like Myer or David Jones, are usually the introduction spots to an addictive shopping spree. And although there is really fabulous fashion creativity here, it’s great to hear that in a few weeks time, the department store will expand its fine international section, and bring in some new labels from Europe and overseas. British labels Georgina Goodman and Rupert Sanderson will be found on the shoe shelves, from next month. And while we’ve been able to buy Manolo Blahnik and Chloe shoes at David Jones for some time, Myers are now taking up the trend to bring in a super luxurious collection of Blahniks. Clearly, Sydney retailers are becoming a little more open minded in their promotion and sales of new labels, to complement their standard domestic collections. This will give new inspiration and competition, that could only mean that the horrid “ugh” boot, will finally meet its maker.


Blogger annber said...

Men Petra, inte kan du väl mena att du inte gillar Ugh-skon. Den är ju jätteskön att pulsa i snö med. Varm, praktisk och tofflig. Det känns ju verkligen som att hasa runt i tofflor när man har den på sig.

7:43 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Exakt. Tofflor ska man vara iford hemma - om man overhuvudtaget maste...Men har tycks man verkligen alska uggh-boots oavsett om det ar +35C eller plus minus noll...

9:16 pm  
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