Monday, June 13, 2005

Mad Shopaholic Award?

Seeing as one of our readers asked us to publish a shopping report, the following break down can now be presented...

Numbers Of Shoes and Bags Owned Currently
The current shoe capacity comes down to 28 pairs of shoes. The number of handbags is currently 16.

Most Recent Item Purchased
Two pairs of jeans - a pair of black skinny jeans, made by Mavi, and another pair of dark blue, skinny Nobody jeans. Both of the pairs look great worn stuck inside some knee-high boots, ballet flats or even super-high, round toed 40s style shoes. Both pairs of jeans were purchased this weekend (just gone), and go brilliantly well with a new knee length, black velvet coat from Shona Joy. This was a bargain find at David Jones, and a perfect coat for the mild, albeit windy Sydney winter climate.

Best Ever Purchase
This title easily brings to mind the classic Jackie-bag from Gucci, purchased in Rome 2002. The bag, which is black with a hematite metallic clutch, is commonly used, and even to date still looks brand new. Soon after the purchase, a matching purse in exact pattern became an obvious sought after item; today, this is a purse that fits like a glove in the darling handbag. Other brilliant purchases have been a denim jacket from Sass & Bide; quite an unusual style, a very feminine bask model, ornate with a ruff detailed back, and civil war-influenced with lots of buttons. The album "Stand and Deliver" always feels relevant when sliding into the jacket, and even Adam Ant would have turned green with envy. It’s the kind of jacket that has been subject to many compliments, and in addition is extremely comfortable too... On a more serious business note, the tailored, made to measure suits from Narry’s in Bangkok are well worn, and deserve a big comment in this context. The fabrics are impeccable, and the tailoring cut to perfection. Needless to say, Narry’s are well worth the visit if a Bangkok trip is in order.

Worst Ever Purchase
A very touchy subject, as there’s no such thing as a bad purchase really. Having said this, (and quoting Manolo), an ‘un-super fantastic’ buy was a pair of black, over sized boots that were so 1997, and also so very Helsinki, Finland, where they were purchased. The boots were far too wide round the calves, and gave a sort of “Three musketeers impression”. To add insult to injury, The Spice Girls, at the time were seen to wear similar boots...

Now, all you coolchiqs out there; go ahead and publish the same reports on your websites, or in the comments field below - we’d love to see the results of this, and to see who’s the maddest shopaholic online! And who knows, you may even get the award for the title “The Maddest Shopaholic Online”...! Clearly we’re far from Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection, so there’s no chance that we’ll qualify for this award...


Blogger Anonymous Poet said...

How many blogs do you own?

11:04 am  
Anonymous fashionbritt said...

I posted my responses!

12:10 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Number of blogs owned is 3 - this one, a travel blog, and a swedish diary blog....

Fashionbritt - Great to see your contribution to this!

12:05 am  
Blogger Ablund said...

Wow..I do like your gucci bag..its very nice :-). Bad things I bought is ....a lot, but if it is on sale it can't be bad ;-)

9:44 pm  

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