Thursday, June 16, 2005

They're Back!

Remember our reviews from Sydney’s Fashion Week, and some of our comments on the 80s style mini shorts? Well, the shorts were one of the garments displayed that really brought us back to the days of super-sized shoulder pad jackets and miniature, tight bottoms. Dejà vú is all we can say, the shorts are back again, and this time they’re spotted on Jessica Simpson, a woman more commonly known for her daft behavior and absence of character, rather than her great sense of fashion. The mini shorts have been a frequent subject at other blogs too, both with great enthusiasm and negative views. It seems that ever since Kylie’s flesh baring appearance in those skimpy golden hot pants, worn in a video five years ago, the shorts business took on a new meaning. This season, longer shorts, virgin on Capri pants have been often spotted, and seen as sophisticated alternatives to Bermudas. The longer shorts have also been a version that’s nearly made mini shorts looking vulgar in comparison, an effect that surely will seem more diluted later on this year. Mini shorts are here again - on that note, we’re just going to climb the stairs to the attic and search for that dusty box marked “clothes 1984”...


Blogger Britta said...

Hohoho, gillar kommentaren om Jessica - "daft behavior and absence of character"... Jag kunde inte hålla med mer! Och för övrigt anser jag shorts vara en styggelse vilket gör att jag håller mig så långt ifrån dem som möjligt. Fram för mer kjolar och knäkorta jeans.

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