Friday, May 06, 2005

MAFW Day 4

Harbour Room, 12.30pm
With an invitation card delivered in a tube, a poster wrapped with a silk ribbon, the message reads: "Natasha Gan introducing the Smoking Room". How can we not be charmed by this start? Natasha Gan's style appeals to modern women who like to dress with a rock 'n' roll attitude. With influences from underground music culture, Natasha gives the phrase "a breath of fresh air" a new meaning. Gone is the current trend for girly, romantic little numbers. Back, are cabaret girls in top hats, shredded tops, and details such as ropes and brushed jewellery. Being a successful debutant in the MAFW in Melbourne last year, we can now find Natasha's ground breaking collections at both Myers & David Jones.

The designers of Jtah (no spelling error...) had obviously taken a cue from their other silk/chiffon/satin colleagues. Stunning dresses and camisoles were shown in their collection. So many of the designers have been going in this direction, this week. But this does not in any way belittle the beauty of Jtha's designs. The colour range kept mostly within eye-shadow pastels with mother of pearl.

Bec & Bridge provided a grand old trip down memory lane. Extensive selections of bright cobalt blue and cerise tops were brought out (as shown below). They were combined with tiny, tiny shorts worn with very high heels, and that's how we'll remember them - kinda 80's. They did have a skinny pair of jeans with colourful embroidery on the side which were nice - kinda 2005. Clearly European fashion and Asia-pacific fashion, aren't completely synchronized. More images.


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Feel free to come and check it out if you get time :-)

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