Thursday, May 05, 2005

Seven (non) Deadly Sins

It’s all very well publishing one review after another, but we learn little about the “big picture”. Let’s just step back and reflect... What have we learned so far from the fashion week? Here’s what all you coolchiqs out there must know and memorize for your own good!

1.) Mixing several patterns in many colours, as well as just plain colours at the same time is a must-do for the Australian spring/summer 2005/06 season. Get inspiration from Nookie, Lorena Laing, Ed & Bek and WORLD on this!

2.) Get a textile or thin woven leather belt and wear this high on your waist. Lisa Ho will show you how.

3.) Remember what Paablo Nevada told us: There’s nothing more sophisticated, classy and feminine than a subtle coloured dress to go with your Martini Bianco on the French Balcony. Preferably worn with your hair done up like Greta Garbo.

4.) Simultaneously, if you’re a colourful, romantic fool that watches Grease and The Fonz all day long, how can you go wrong with Stephanie by Conley & Cranford?

5.) Seduce somebody in your shared washing room space. But don’t think for a minute you’re worth anything less than one of Dorian Ho’s or Alexandra Nea’s silky numbers.

6.) Turn into a ‘fine English lady’ and get yourself one of Camilla & Marc’s demure egg shell coloured apron dresses.

7.) And finally; Ditch your shoes, put flowers in your hair and turn into Ms Seattle (ok, well…ditch your shoes for one day at least). Think how that clever Joveeba woman presented it….


Blogger Britta said...

Ed&Bek hade väldigt snygga grejer, undrar om det märket finns i Sverige... Jag kan inte hitta info om det iaf. Vet du Petra?

De får mig att vilja plocka fram symaskinen igen! =)

1:32 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hej, ja visst hade dem fina klader! Jag kollar upp om hur/var de saljer sina klader...

8:26 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hittar dessvarre ingen information som tyder pa att de kan ha nagon forsaljning utomlands (utanfor Australien)...

4:28 pm  

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