Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Harbour room 12.30
The domino effect of time keeping is quite evident, when the first show of the day isn't running on time. This is not a reflection on Paablo Nevada's slightly off schedule time keeping, but a simple observation that this affects the other shows. As the Harbour Room was far from packed, back seaters were encouraged to take a closer position in the hall to view the shows closer up. Liza Emanuele is the energetic woman behind the label IT GIRL. IT GIRL launched in 2001, and since then the label has built up a great repertoire, from hand illustrated t-shirts to full dazzling collections. Today, IT GIRL showed a sparkling collection of whimsy dresses, figure hugging tops, and petite jackets with matching skirts. The designer chose to feature her collection with stunning jewellery from Coco Devine, a move that worked very well today. More of Brad's work...


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