Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Harbour Room, 12.30pm
Two hunks arrive on the stage bringing in two washing machines, and not long after a lady wearing a bathrobe, that she loses immediately. This is the introduction to Dorian Ho's show. His collection named "My Beautiful Laundrette", is as charming as the name is quirky (just like the ground breaking film with the same title). Today, Dorian Ho presented a dazzling range of startling, crystal ornate dresses, both knee and full length. There were seductive, slinky silk camisoles, as well as a fantastic looking ballerina skirt, combined with an egg shell coloured lace top. Dorian Ho, who's based in Hong Kong, takes his influences from Audrey Hepburn. This is a label we can look out for at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, or Pois in Singapore and Saks Fifth Avenue, NY. Impressive to say the least, and perfect for any coolchiq with a very special occasion in mind. Images from the show as always...


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