Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vicious Threads = Vicious Shoes

Cargo Hall, 6.30pm
Imaging excruciatingly sore feet from spending 3 days in high, peep toed shoes. Add hunger, exhaustion and a 100 meter long queue of mad fashionistas ahead of us. Yes, the odds for Vicious Threads weren't the best. But listen to this: The catwalk was candle lit, creating a warm, welcoming feeling. Placed at the entrance of the podium was a massive Thai Buddha in stone. The choice to play a fantastic remix of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog when the models came down the runway, couldn't have been better. Vicious Threads is a cool street label, and there's nothing like combining wacky music with funky clothing. It worked very well, and we found ourselves tapping our sore feet along with the music as the girls and boys delivered the collection. The show was, as you'd expect, all cool denim and cottons. Nothing ground breaking at all, but a fun show to have in mind for our next purchase of denim. View more images.


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