Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wear A Posh Crown

Victoria Beckham's move in the fashion world is a topic we've covered before, and although the career move from music to fashion seems as common as Guinness in Dublin, it's interesting to see the result. Posh's designer skill is something that many have been eager to knock, us included in all fairness. But who are we to judge a fashionista that clearly has a passion for beauty? The first set of denim is available now at In conjunction with Rock & Republic, her "London Crown Jean - British Style", can be purchased for a mere $275. The style is described as "...low on the hips and fits slim through the leg for an undeniably sexy, of-the-moment look...". In other words, nothing new, nothing ground breaking, but will sell like a mad clear out sale simply because of the price tag, the image and the indications that tons of celebrities are queuing up for a pair.


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