Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tokyo Recycle Project

We've mentioned The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney before. Their excellent itinerary never fails to impress us, and now they are putting up another extraordinary event we simply can't wait to attend. This time they're inviting all fashion-holics, who've ended up with all the gear but nothing to wear (...). So what's on the agenda for this? Well, the whole wonderful project is based on Masahiro Nakagawa's idea from 1999 of reusing and recycling clothing in a way that would have a new and fresh appeal. The project, named "Tokyo Recycle Project", has been a huge hit in New York, Hong Kong and throughout Japan, and has generated great excitement from the innovative clothing the team has created. The general idea is to use people's existing clothes, and transform them into something completely new. The result ends up in completely unique, one off pieces that'll surely put tons of inspiration back into our wardrobes. So do we like this idea? Ha - do bears shit in wood?
How: Enter online, and you will be contacted for consultation on the work, fitting, etc.
When: Between September 24 and October 9
Where: Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street Ultimo (Near Darling Harbour)


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