Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kate - You Look Great

She’s the queen of cool, a global fashion guru, admired and well respected in her business. Her career within the fashion has made her financially independent (for the rest of her life). She’s a chain smoker and a real party coolchiq, and she’s never been caught doing a work out. On the other hand, she can do Portobello Road like no other shopping athlete, and at the end of the day she still manages to look superb. She hangs out with the bad guys, whom her mother (surely) must have warned her about. She’s clearly no fool, but she’s no Einstein either. This year, being the proud mother of Lola and turning 31, we’ve never seen her more radiant. Is she going to look back on this picture and say “hey, didn’t I look great”. Well, of course she will. But why wait to hear it til you’re an old hog, we say? So, here it is Kate, we’ll give it to you: Kate - you look great!


Blogger missy-j said...

I agree! Love Kate!

2:23 pm  
Anonymous Stella Mayfair said...

yay! kate's the ultimate style goddess! kate RULES!

1:59 am  
Anonymous Designer Ella said...

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2:59 am  
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