Monday, August 22, 2005


Seeing as we started on this subject yesterday, we might as well continue... Innovative fashion is something most people appreciate - unique jewellery is no exception. For those of us looking for something quite unique, quirky and stylish, we suggest you go and check out Rave’s excellent selection of jewellery. Their design of chunky, colourful bangles and kitschy Indian prints in the “Wearable Art” selection are adorable, and are our favorites out of the lot. But don’t miss the more subtle pieces from their “Timeless” selection; the ultimate stuff to jazz up that traditional office look.


Blogger Moca said...

Thanks for the link...

The pieces are definitely unique

3:38 am  
Anonymous A Touch of Style said...

You know... I can't remember the last time I bought myself a new piece of jewelry! I take that back, but it has been way too long. Should have treated myself while on vacation!


11:09 pm  
Blogger CrankyBiscuit said...

Wow, great pieces, and even better prices.

5:45 am  

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