Sunday, January 15, 2006

Summer 2006: Fashion Don’ts That Make You Crazy

Following The Manolo’s "Carnivale of the Couture", we’ve had a think about what we definitely don’t want to see on the streets in 2006. Here we go...

- Low cut jeans/belts on the hip. The unfortunate flesh baring bum cracks are still common on the streets of Sydney; once and for all: do make sure this trend ends this year.
- The boho trend – Yuck! Sick bowl please... Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen/Sienna Miller copycats; get over it!
- The over dosage of big chunky bracelets (all worn at the same time), etc.
- Cowboy boots. Unless you’re farming a herd of cattle, in which case it’s pretty cool. But let's be honest, when it's +35C, and you've teamed up a mini denim skirt with a pair of thick cowboyboots running down Oxford Street... No, it does not look cool!


Blogger Marsha said...

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of butt cracks over here in florida as well. I'm just waiting for the day that someone's pants falls around their ankles at a very bad time. Better wear clean underwear. lol.

1:29 pm  
Blogger turlie said...

the fast end to low cut pants is coming, we've seen them less and less on the runways over the past two years - unfortunetly shifts of fashion such as these take between 3-4 years.

As for cowboy boots - luckily they are already disappearing....

4:38 pm  
Blogger ryan said...

I'm in joyous agreement with this entire post until the cowboy boots. Even if I didn't love them, they are cowboy boots. They're not going anywhere. Their popularity will wax and wane, but they are too practical to ever disappear for long.

7:05 am  
Blogger b*luv said...

luv it and totally agree, especially about the boho.


1:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agreed until the cowboy boots. These have been around long before some uptown designers realized how many people wore them as well as how cute they are with Jeans. Cowboy boots have been in for many years before someone decided it was a trend and will be in long after the so called trend boot wearing with skirts ends. They belong with cute jeans and a fun top, they always have. After all many famous people have worn these for years. Stick to the classics. The things that also have been around for years and I wish everyone would stop wearing are the UGG/UGLIES! fur mukluks are so much nicer looking and made more for winter, uggs were made for beach / surfers and they look great for that purpose.

5:38 am  

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