Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Totally Un-Jealous That You Wouldn't Believe It

Our internet colleagues at Almost Girl and Fashiontribes will be covering the NY Fashion Week straight from the shows in NY. Aargh! No doubt they'll take front rows wearing nothing but the most covetable shoes, looking fantastic in their gorgeous fashion pieces. No, we’re not AT ALL jealous. Not the tiniest. In fact, we’re just as happy spending our time in front of an overworked laptop, getting square-eyed from reports on what a 'faaabulous time, dahling' everyone is having... We're drinking dull, decaf, skimmed cappuccinos, while the NY fashionistas are topping their glasses up with another tres magnifique bouteille de Château de Chasselas. No, we don't even LIKE that sort of thing anyway...


Blogger turlie said...

I just finished with Menswear Fashion week in Paris - wow - what a doozy....I am heading to NYC on Thur. hope to see them there..........

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Almost Girl said...

Don't worry "dahling" we won't be in the front row, our shoes will be our own and certainly not Manolos, and frankly there is nothing glamourous about what we are doing. We are doing it for you guys! Bringing the information to the public because we love you!

3:28 am  
Anonymous Andy from Camarilla said...

I love Almost Girl's attitude - doing it for you guys! How amazing is the blogosphere community? Don't worry fellow Aussie, I know it's lonely over here without the glitz and glamour of NY but we'll have our moment soon... Glad I finally found your blog!

6:40 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Turlie B: Now I just got even more un-jealous.

Julie: With or without Manolos, I'm sure you look glam.

Andy: yes, the MAFW is coming up.

2:47 pm  

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