Monday, June 18, 2007

Look Book - Carl

Thanks to SJ+Hat we were introduced to Melbourne-based fashion designer Carl , whose clothing line recently has been snapped up by American Neiman Marcus. In Sydney, his items are stocked at Duck Egg Blue.

His spring/summer 07/08 collection presents clean lines in silk and satin, and complements his super minimalistic website.

Check out the complete look book in pdf-file here.



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Blogger Lizy said...

Nice spring and summer collection of clothes.Theshoes she is wearing inthe 3rd pic is looking beautiful.Have to get one like that very soon.

5:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVING the clean and clear look. Found something like them @;

Very elegant!!

2:15 pm  
Blogger junation said...

Really love the selection at Duck Egg Blue

6:42 am  
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5:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an extreme come back in off-the-shoulder ensembles...there are styles that mirror this trend at

4:56 am  
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9:13 pm  
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3:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the style and fabric.
These style will look great on every body type.

9:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you guys really want to check out some hot new designer... Geren Ford had the cutest tops EVER! like OMG you have no idea! Beyond whatever you would find at H%M if you're talking, like, quality. H&M has great prices but its not like Im going to buy something there that i would like rave about to my friends. but thats just me, anyway i think it was like that i saw his stuff, you should totally check it out

9:25 am  
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Anonymous Jacqueline said...

These looks are so sleek and as close to perfect as possible. It is so difficult to choose a favorite. But I have to say I am in love with the look to the bottom left and the one on the right side of it. Pertaining to the bottom left, I am in love with charcaol grey colors. So many colors go so well with them, especially the red underpiece. and I love dresses that have low lines under the arm to where an underpiece is needed. This gives such a casual elegance. The gold and cream used in the picture to the left are so classy and sexy. But the stitching and seamlines is my favorite aspect of this look. I love that the skirt is high on the waist and is fitted until the hip bone. The flow of the rest of the skirt is so elegent. The buttoned up blouse is so beautiful without being tight on the body. I also love the sleeves being right below the elbows and the fact that it is rolled up. So much can be said about these looks by this budding designer, Carl. I am definitely looking up this fashion designer online and in stores. And even if I did not like the clothes, the way the shoot is set up and the angles of the photography is amazing. The shadows in the top and bottom right looks give a dramatic and mysterious feel to the clothes. It is absolutely breathtaking. The poses of the model is equally as intriging. The bottom left and right are so captivating. The bottom left photo shows that it is not necessary for a model to look straight at the camara to sell clothing and catch the viewers attention. This corner background is perfect for the clothing and model to pose.

6:21 pm  
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Blogger Aicha! said...

I like second picture !

10:45 pm  
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Anonymous wholesale miskeen said...

Nice collection of dresses! keep it up!


3:52 pm  
Blogger workhard said...

Love the collection of dresses....

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5:25 am  
Anonymous ed hardy said...

Well I'm always happy to see people supporting knitwear, since that's what I sell! LOL

I can see why that is your dream storage system, it's beautiful!

3:30 pm  
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Blogger Feathers Atlanta said...

That's a beautiful look book! Classy!

3:36 pm  
Anonymous Ugg Australia said...

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2:07 am  
Blogger Ici Fashion said...

Loving satin: sexy and chic. yet the design is not over the top. Thank you!

11:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those haircuts are so bold and modern! I love how they work with the bold warm color. That style would look great on my friend Amy

9:19 am  
Anonymous John Lewis Sales said...

I loved the waist up pants it looks quite chick n classy

11:16 pm  
Anonymous Arsavin666 said...

Love the collection of dresses...

1:53 pm  
Anonymous Nattalie said...

nice spring collection

6:37 pm  
Anonymous Sexy Lingerie said...

For me, this is the real fashion.

4:09 pm  
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10:23 pm  
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Blogger Patricia 12 said...

i love the looks such a great collection outfits..

7:53 pm  
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Good collection and great pics

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