Tuesday, June 12, 2007

YSL Edition 24

Arriving less-than-fabulous-looking after a long haul flight could soon be part of history as YSL’s Edition 24 hits the shelves this month. Stefano Pilati, Head designer of YSL, is responsible for the “Edition 24” collection, which can be assembled into 24 looks, comprising all the elements a woman might need for an overnight trip. Key words are “timeless-ness” and “versatility” which translate into pieces such as patent trench coats, cool safari jackets and tailored tuxedos jackets. There’s also oversized sweaters and chiffon dresses that can be rolled into a ball and tossed into a roller suitcase. Edition 24 will hit all 61 freestanding YSL boutiques worldwide.

“It's not a second line,” says Pilati, and adds “Edition 24 is a way to address fashion in a more accessible way. It's about building a wardrobe; finding everything you need. And it's not necessarily linked to the direction of a season. It will appeal to a broader and younger clientele.”



Blogger Jennifer said...

Those bags are interesting looking, they'd be good for travel though!

9:42 am  
Anonymous Helen said...

Gosh that YSL downtown is huge - not that the medium downtown isn't big as is!

10:07 pm  
Blogger Candid Cool said...

I like the concept, and the clothes look timeless & classic but then again I think Yves Saint Laurent is pretty timeless & classic

3:11 am  
Anonymous Vikki Fashionista said...

This is just the collection I've
been waiting for! Cutting edge elegance and not too pricy..Lucky it's my birthday this week!

5:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YSL is a great designer, I loved the rive gauche ysl collection by stefano pilati 2005. Since then I stoped paying to much attention to YSL but this collection is awesome. I love the new Prada collection. Check it out on my Blog. http://www.jbwuf.blogspot.com

11:15 am  
Blogger Lizy said...

Those bags are pretty cool.A classic collection that suits the latest fashion.

4:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some other great styles for any and all occasions check out artfulwears.com! They will not only have the purse your looking for at a great price, you are sure to find that perfect outfit as well!

8:46 am  
Anonymous BagGirl said...

I agree with jennifer, those bags are interesting. I can think of many times that I wish I had them when I was traveling. I really like the idea behind this 'line'. I know its not a second line, but what else should I call it? You can't beat the economics of it either, 24 outfits from only a handful of individual pieces.

12:19 am  
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Blogger jana said...

i really love those bags...

5:48 pm  
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Anonymous Moi said...

Seriously... How is anyone even considering spending at the moment? Christmas? Recession? Am i the only one who is curbing my spending towards timeless, seasonless items?? YSL?? Way out of price range... sniff. But, not to sad as i have managed to buy a few great bits recently, a really amazing fitting Tshirt (Kstreet NYC) which is measured by your bust and waist, so it looks fab (honest!) and an amazing reallly cheap fur vintage jacket... so not thank you YSL

8:20 am  
Blogger Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Me too I find those bags very interesting, so classic.

4:21 am  
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Blogger workhard said...

THose bags look cool

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5:24 am  
Anonymous ed hardy said...

Well I'm always happy to see people supporting knitwear, since that's what I sell! LOL

I can see why that is your dream storage system, it's beautiful!

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Susan B. said...

Those bags look interesting, but I prefer Stabole bags! I've seen the new s/s collection on http://www.stabole.com and I thing they're so cool!!The brand matches the great italian handcraft tradition with the contemporary style...i love it, and I'm waiting for the shopping online on http://www.notjustlabel.com from march!!!! :-)

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5:12 am  
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Anonymous Shirl Tisdell said...

The bags are great for traveling. I like to have those. Wish I can afford to buy it.

7:07 pm  
Blogger Ana said...

Love this collection...this is what I've
been waiting for!

Check out my site..you are going to love it!!

4:34 am  
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Anonymous John Lewis Sale said...

Awesome collection by YSL

7:38 pm  
Blogger The 36912 Diet Fighting Obesity & Poverty With Knowledge Because Knowledge Equals Power said...

I really like the shape and structure of those bags. The love the black one in particular that the woman is carrying.

5:24 pm  
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9:34 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:48 pm  
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10:35 pm  
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