Friday, December 31, 2004

A Rocker or Republican?

As mentioned in previous blogs, Posh Spice has quite wisely left her singing career and moved in a totally different direction. The fashion industry is now her new field, and the first assignment she seems to have got is one where she’s designing a collection for the hip, Los Angeles based, denim brand "Rock&Republic". Vic’s collection is called VB Rocks (she must have had such good fun doing these things..!). R&R is another new - to me - fashion label that market themselves very much like a rock band (judging by their web site display with tour dates, guest book, press room displays (a subtle, but very clear sign of the company’s still ‘un-established’ image… ). Some of the garments will be sold in Sweden through MNO, a small company that buys and sells trendy stuff such as Sneakersnstuff, Gulan, Homerun, Pavement, Sole Service, Combo at Hotorget and Dry Lake in Bruno Gallerian, Stockholm.

Adidas features WE

Interesting to hear about the news of our beloved Adidas that have decided to try some ideas with the trendy clothing company WE, run by Greger Hagelin. The release is on at the end of January and will only be available in two shops in Sweden (worldwide available in a total of 100 shops). With a focus on shoes, but also the odd t-shirt and track suits, we’d better get a move on if we’re interested in any of the garments. Each model will be available in a limited edition of 1200 only, hence the limited edition will be high fashion again. My personal opinion is that WE’s logo will greatly benefit by this co-operation, having Adidas three stripes displayed and the message “endorsed by Adidas”clearly marked. This will undoubtedly exclusify WE’s sometimes difficult to understand design. But what’s in this deal for Adidas?!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


A year older means a lot more effort going in to health, beauty and general appearance. The sale on at the local make up shop resulted in the following purchases, which may help slow down the increasing - but undesired - character in my face....
- Lancome Primordiale optimum Yeux, soin Lissant Performance Visible.
- Lancome Primordiale optimum, 1ers Signes de l’Age.
- Lancome Color Focus Duo, (103) Moonlight and (202) Cream.
- Lancome Attraction, Eau de Parfum, 7ml.
- Christian Dior Ultra Shine (222) Ultra beige.
- Christian Dior Ultra Shine (382) Ultra rose.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I want....

...Carolina Herrera's portrait of a Fashion Icon. Through this book we're invited to get a closer look at the woman behind the business in this portrait written by Alexandra Kotur and Hamish Bowles. The actual book looks really beautiful and is probably quite interesting too.

Bowie and Iman for Hilfiger

Dave and Iman looked like super pumas in this campaign! Not only is David an amazing rock ‘n’ roll legend and a true artist, but he’s also a style icon whose evolving look over the years has had a huge impact on the world of fashion and music. Iman, in addition to being the ultimate supermodel and a style icon in her own right, is the ideal woman - smart, entrepreneurial, chic, beautiful, ambitious and creative. They look fab together and I'm sure Tommy Hilfiger's more than pleased with the results!


I would love to get a closer look of the recently established fashion house that looks super stunning. Film actress/model Milla Jovovich and her best friend and partner in crime Carmen Hawk decided to throw some ideas together a year ago. The result is a modern version of the retro film-noir look, one that brings to mind a vamp in a creative sophisticated forties film star attitude. We're bound to see a lot of pencil skirts and delicate shirts, pin striped jackets with covered buttons and contrasting colours and patterns all mixed together in an interesting look. Everything is made by hand; a dress takes, on average, two days to stitch together. The stuff is available at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Victoria makes a wise move!

She's always immaculately dressed, and let's be honest - Vic's singing career could never have reached as far as it did if it wasn't for her love for fashion! Thankfully she's now decided to try a new route as a fashion designer. I read some where that she will be focusing on the Jeans industry (can't go wrong there!). I look forward to seeing the results!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Make up Mission

Products and services are always different. This time the shops of Stockholm gets a thorough analysis of their selection of make up and their service. Green passes, red doesn't. No mercy.
  • Make up Store, Åhlens city- Reasonably good service, truly amazing eye shadows, lovely blushers. Beautiful containers! Affordable products. Lip glosses tastes horrible though (avoid!). YES!
  • Åhlens city, general make up - Changeable service, at times very good to just manageable. Best department store service for make up. (But their perfume department is another story!) YES!
  • Cow Stockholm - Excellent service (yet not pushy)! This little shop is adorable. We just want to buy EVERYTHING from this shop! YES!
  • Face, Biblioteksgatan - Very similar to Make Up Store but more expensive. They have a really good selecton of bright eye shadows if this is what you're after. Lip glosses are better than M.U.S. YES!
  • Parfymeri L, Sturegallerian - Excuse me, is there something we should know about the cealing too...? NO!!!
  • NK, Hamngatan - depending on what booth you go to, the service is very changeable. In all it doesn't keep up to my expectations of NK as a general store. Has a reasonable selection but I still miss some of the odd makes that we like to look at some times. Where's Stila and Bobby Brown, Molton Brown or how about a booth where we could get hold of the French Sephora? NO!!!
  • PUB, Drottninggatan - Do they contribute at all to the make up world?! NO!!!
  • Debenhams, Drottninggatan - For a moment we thought we'd walked in to Marks and Spencers in Accrington, but then we heard them talking Swedish to each other. NO!!!