Friday, December 22, 2006

Fashion Designers on Sydney

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Sydney is an awesome city with a multi-cultural vibe offering lots of fun activities. And what's even more amazing; when you’re sick of the sunshine and the endless blue sky, there’s plenty of great shopping, funky bars and more restaurants you could ever dream of. Interestingly enough, Australian Vogue has presented a list of some well-known (Australian) Designers and their take on the city. Check out what their favourite spots are and what we think of their choices...

Jayson Brunsdon

-Seven Shillings beach at Double Bay.

-Mint Bar at the Hotel Intercontinental.

-My studio in Surry Hills.

-Grandma Takes A Trip in Crown Street Surry Hills. Yes, we totally agree – funky!

-My couch at home watching a movie.

***For a guy that is always delivering fantastic, female collections we find it rather hard to believe that gorgeous pouting Jason is a complete couch potato. Nonsense. Put him in Mint Bar with a glass of sparkling Pinot Noir.

Josh Goot

- The fish markets at Glebe.

- Coles, in Bondi Junction.

- The Harbour Bridge.

***Yes, Goot, the fish market is fun, we couldn't agree with you more on that. But Coles...? Eh, sorry we're lost! Did we really miss that moment when the Opera House took a beating of 'the Supermarket' in the Lonely Planet guide? Phew. Goot may be the King of streets, but never has streetwise been more confusing...

Nic Briand and Susien Chong of Lover

- Nielsen Park.
- Utopia Records.

- Golden Century. Chinese cuisine at its best.

***Utopia Records, yeah, we could see that one coming. An interesting label makes an interesting choice. Oh, and the Chinese cuisine is perhaps even better at East Ocean Restaurant, but that's a tough one. Nielsen Park? For parks, see London.

Fleur Wood

- I love a post-beach burger at Burgerman on Bondi Road.

- Brad Ngata hair direction. Possibly the best haircuts and colouring in Sydney.

- An outdoor table at Sean’s Panorama.

- The Beauty Room, for excellent facials and massages.

***OK, Burgerman. Burgerman. Clearly Ms Fleur needs to be taken out a little more often. Sean's Panorama we've never heard of, but a vast improvement from her post-beach dietary habits. The Beauty Room=spot on.

Rebecca Davies

- Otto Ristorante is my favourite restaurant, I try to go a couple of times a month.

- Eva Kaparti (Beauty salon), Double Bay.

- Cosmopolitan Shoes.

***What is it with these Double Bay ladies? Nay darling, nay. Best shoe shops in town are actually Emporium and Gary Castles. End of story. And Otto Ristorante may be a good Italian, but not nearly as good as trusty Alfredo's.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dazed and Confused Online

Some guys are going from cyber space to printed publications, whereas others are going the complete opposite. Dazed and Confused, our favourite UK magazine, have finally expanded their online presence. The stylish new homepage, an online version of the print, is a nifty little number easy to love. As well as the usual dose of news and reviews, they’ve got blogs from artists and musicians around the world; for instance Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Mia Farrow. What amazes us is that 12 years down the line, they’re still independent, and still able to weave world beating fashion, brilliant photography and esoteric music with social and political themes.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How to Kill a Mocking Bird

While fashion-based characters are projected left, right and center, the most candid and exclusive documentary is soon about to be made; the filming of the documentary of Ms Anna Wintour.

The Director R.J. Cutler, will follow Wintour for the next eight months, chronicling the making of the yearly fashion bible, September Vogue issue. Camera crews will descend upon the halls of Condé Nast in January, and be by her side at her cluttered office at 4 Times Square, as well as trail her at upcoming fashion weeks around the globe. “You see fictionalized versions of Anna all over the place now,” Director Cutler says in an interview. “None of them, of course, are as fascinating as Anna herself.”

All very well Cutler. But in all honesty, why not focus on somebody with character for a change?


Monday, December 18, 2006

The Cool Hunter Glossy

How cool is The Cool Hunter? Well cool enough to be expanding from the ever-evolving world of cyberspace onto news stands across the world. The much-anticipated launch of the Cool Hunter magazine is due to be launching March/April 2007. Exciting times for sure as the clued-in cyber-guys are taking the publication project to a completely different level along with some other exciting projects, such as Cool Hunter Tv show and a series of Cool Hunter books. The magazine, which will be distributed throughout the world’s top boutique hotels, promises to be “a fascinating read, brimming with feature length articles that showcase the best of cool from around the world”. Well done Guys!