Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Go Check Out...

"Martin Grant Retrospective" at the National Gallery of Victoria. Show casing from 9 December until May 2006, this exhibition features his journey from being a young upcoming Melbourne fashion designer, to his move to Paris in the early 90’s. Martin Grant is one of very few designers, of which we’d be quite happy to wear his work all the time. His collections are always timeless, wearable, and look wonderfully classy. And as if this theme wasn't enough; there's also a sixties exhibition named "British Art & The Sixties" - sounds really interesting too!

Oh, almost forgot; gorgeous-pouting-Martin-himself will be doing talks and Q&A stuff on 10 December. You lucky Melbourne folks, you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First Item On The List

... The famous 'Xmas Wish List', that is. Let's have a look at what we'd love to get from Santa this year -

Fendi Velvet Embroidered-Squirrels Bag. Isn't this the dog's...?!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Be Fasshonaburu

Fashionistas, Film freaks and Fellow Sydney citizens: Get your kimonos out! The Japanese film festival has started today, and runs until 2 December. For this event, we’ve booked ourselves in to go and see the much spoken about film Horumaika; a film where the village of the filming event, Komatsugura, sadly was subject to a horrific earthquake, a year after the film was made. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the earthquake rescue fund, raising money through charity screenings around Japan. Be fasshonaburu, be fashionable – simply be there!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Miucca Prada’s View On Things

“... we needed to get back to a more substantial quality and away from frills and frivolity. I thought about how I could introduce this new simplicity, which still involves a lot of work, a lot of ideas (see Summer 2006 collection). A designer absorbs everything that is happening in the world, and communicates that back through their creations. We live in a very interesting time, and I don’t understand those who think the contrary. I do not understand how people can be pessimistic. I find it fascinating that through fashion you can reach so many different worlds and people. If they buy your bags and clothes it means that you are connected, that you are talking the same language....”

These are words by Miucca Prada, published some time ago in The Times. The article also covers Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret’s view on how style is evolving. Interesting stuff - go and read it!

Also, if you were one of the lucky people that spent the evening in the British Museum last night, you would've had an amazing time listening to Miucca Prada’s words live. Fingers crossed that The Sunday Times Style will give us a more thorough report on this soon.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bring In The Haute Couture, Rick!

True or not true. Well we think that there's some credibility to this story. Rumours make it that Kate Moss is lined up as the new face of Virgin mobile. According to several recent reports, Moss' representatives are finalising the deal with the company. And why are we not surprised? Semplice! Take one of the most successful business men in the world; a leader of an enterprise business/network provider who doesn’t even run it’s own network(!) Wait for revolting, attention-focused media tabloids, like model-caught-doing-cocs-in-seedy-nightclub, or similar. Wait again for things to settle, and then... voila! An excellent marketing idea is born. Moss and Branson are business people full on; sober or stoned.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Levi's Got A Lover

Think 12 hour-shifts at a stiff telecom company. Add lack of social activities, sleep, and (most of the time) bad hair days. Well, that’s pretty much how our days have been shaped recently. Despite this - or perhaps because of - we’re really excited to hear that Levis have decided to get their act together. Finally! Yes, Levis will do something interesting. So, fashionistas; raise your hands anyone if you too, spent most of your teenage years in a pair of ‘classy’ old 501’s (and have since tucked them away somewhere up in the attic). OK, we’re at least one person.

Joining temporarily with Lover, Levis will be releasing a limited selection of their work in March. Expectations are a jazzed up version of Levis' “Tuff Skinny Drainpipe”-model. A maximum of 1000 pairs will be produced, which makes this venture even more interesting. More of Lover’s superb stuff can be found here. And for Levis' stuff, well.... ehhr, you might as well ask your dads.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Brilliant Story By Maggie

Don’t we just love reading stories like this? Our hearts are full of empathy...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

....And Finally

Sienna's haircut is a subject that will have been almost impossible to've missed by now. Gone is the boring side parting. On is a new, cute, just-got-out-of-bed-kind of haircut. Oh, and pay attention more importantly - no gypsy impression... no dangly-dangly seven layers of medallion ornate necklaces... no funny oops-I-just-grabbed-these-boots-coz-they-were-handy sort of boots. And also; Sienna acknowledges the season's 'black is the new black' or whatever the expression is. Cool - and about time too. Sienna has made a huge impact as a style icon. But it's about time we get out of this horrific boho luxe never ending nightmare.

But our question is now; how many girls will now run to the hair dresser and have their golden locks cut of (all whilst dressed in black from head to toe)?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

After Shoppping At Atelier

Helsiniki may not be the first place that springs to mind if someone mentions the expression ‘Shopping Spree’. But let’s not be ultra-square and think in those old fashioned terms... Helsinki has so much more to offer than what most people would think. A good reason why their design - both interior and fashion - have become so popular around the world is because it’s so unique. Fashion wise, we’re thinking immediately of Marja Kurki, Ivana Helsinki, Marimekko, and Nanso, but these are just some of the domestic names on the map. So let’s focus on the real subject then – a celebratory post-shopping-drink in Helsinki. We would immediately send you off to Atelier, located at the top floor of Torni Hotel. This place has an amazing view over the city, in all it's directions. Now, because of this, it does get a bit touristy... but don’t let this put you off. This is the perfect place to start your evening with a few quiet drinks, and then move on somewhere else.
What: Bar Atelier
Where: Hotel Torni, Yrjonkatu 26, Helsinki
When: Anytime after 5pm, get’s very busy at weekends though
Dresscode: Anything goes; straight-from-the-office-smart, casual, hip, ultra glam...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gone in THIRTY Seconds

No, we’re not misspelling some totally dreadful Nich Cage film. We’re talking about the collection Stella for H&M of course. Reading other coolchiq’s blogs, it sounds as though it was just as unbelievably mad, as it was last year when Lagerfeldt was introduced. “Feeding time in the hyena cage," is how Vogue describes the launch. But of course we are jealous. Knowing that tons of Europeans/Americans are lucky owners of a Stella McCartney garment is hardly gonna set us in any other mood. Knowing also what effort you’d have to put in, in order to get hold of this collection is far from anything covetable. Needless to say, we would’ve loved to have been there. Oh well, we can always try e-bay.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Word Of Advice

This picture seems like a hell of a long time ago now, but it isn't really. It was only 6 months ago when we were stood in that queue, waiting for another fashion show to come to a start. The interesting thing today, is that we're a bit wiser about the whole experience. We can definitely recommend the following things -

Bring a big hand bag. You'll need it, because...
... You'll also need an extra pair of [comfortable] shoes
... Blisters are a fashionistas nightmare, right? So bring a packet of plasters. And don't forget to add your Party Feet, if you insist upon wearing your highest most evil pair of heels.
... You'll feel totally dehydrated if you're not makings sure to drink plenty of water between shows. So always bring a bottle of water to these events!
... You'll end up with tons of free samples of magazines, goody-bags, gifts, etc.
... You'll want to bring a makeup mirror. Yes - trying to access a mirror in the ladies is like entering a scary mental institution. Picture our sence of humour.
... You'll want to bring the camera to illustrate all your favourite outfits later on for... your green-of-envy-girl-friends who didn't get an invite to the fashion shows.
... You may also want to bring an apple. Oh, your handbag is already full? So, skip the apple then we say.

Monday, November 07, 2005

coolchiq Features...

Tina Kalivas' design. Just look at the vibrant colours she's using, and the fun retro touch of this collection. Skinny legs and baggy jackets, bright dresses with circle shapes... it makes us happy just looking at these images.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fashion Plate For Sydney Siders

We absolutely love hearing - and taking part - of interesting fashion events. “Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japanfor instance, is the most recent one. This fascinating project’ll take you through some of the most famous Japanese designers and their artistic work. It is highly recommended, and runs ‘til 29 January (just the Powerhouse Museum alone is worth a good visit). Another, smaller event that is on now, until 8 November is “The Fashion Plate” -

Robert Rosen, a true Sydney icon, launched his photographic exhibition, ‘Fashion Plate’ at The Eastern Hotel with a crowd encompassing all that is fashion and partying!

The exhibition is throughout fashion epicentre Westfield Bondi Junction with dramatic light boxes bringing his unique images to life. The shots, selected personally by Robert, highlight the best of Australian fashion and feature never-been-seen-before catwalk and behind the scenes ‘scenes’ from the Spring/Summer 05/06 collection....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yeah But... No But...

Call us 'scatter brains' or other insulting names. We meant to do a "coolchiq loves..."-theme, but couldn't quite make our minds up for one pair. And the reason? Ooh - the simple fact that there are too many shoe options. Yeah, we kid you not - it's, it's, its.... completely NERV WRACKING. So, what do we like then? Well, we particularly like these "Olive green suede Mary Jane-heels" by Rubert Sanderson, a label featured at Vogue today. The Hollowould "Zebra print Ballerina Pumps" are really sweet too, and Miu Miu's "Studded Wedges" would make the most average denim outfit look totally sparkling. Jimmy Choo's daffodil yellow "Cotton Strap-shoe" is the most romantic shoe we've seen in ages. But our favourite shoe this week is Miu Miu's "Wool floral Embroidered Clog". Decisions, decisions, decisions...