Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Roberto Cavalli for H&M

High street-designer mania is not settling by any stretch of imagination; while the Josh Goot hysteria at Target yesterday was mildly busy, Swedish chain store H&M today declares the rumours of an H&M cooperation with Roberto Cavalli.

“Fancy yourself as a Cavalli babe next winter – for next to nothing? The Italian designer most famous for dressing Gwyneth, Madonna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez is next up to design a one-off collection for H&M – following sell-out-in-seconds collections from Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf. "Roberto Cavalli has created a world of his own, iconic and full of fantasy, when it comes to colours, prints, and style," says H&M creative director, Margareta van der Bosch. "There is no place for shyness and no possibility of ending up with a mainstream wardrobe of everyday basics. The Roberto Cavalli collections represent an exuberant, successful lifestyle."

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Blogger Libertygirl said...

One just thinks that H&M have alist fo twenty designers and are working their way through it, regardless of fashion capability....

2:29 am  
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Blogger Zola said...

Roberto Cavalli and H&M together. sounds great.

8:06 pm  
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Blogger Lizy said...

Very interesting blog..nice pics..Roberto's style are always excellent.i could like have a pair of fashion shoes like wat they are wearing.

4:17 am  
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ech. now if they could just carry something like Megan Odabash....whom I adore. I found a tank of hers @

12:09 pm  
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Blogger Mimi said...

Cannot wait!

4:00 am  
Blogger voggutta said...

I am SO pumped!

8:10 am  
Anonymous HAUTE CONCEPT said...

I can't wait to see how well this collection does when it hits the sales floor. The NYT had a catty review of it recently.

6:24 am  
Blogger Get Update said...

cavalli fue un autentico caos besos!

5:36 am  
Anonymous Z'maji said...

Cavalli scares the poo out of many wrinkles, but such impecable style.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Fashionatta said...

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8:48 am  
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Anonymous Chavo - Hautemimi Editor said...
Hmm....Lets see...Cavalli for H&M...WONDERFUL!! Cavalli is going to be the breath of fresh air that H&M needs...excellent choice! ...I can't wait!

12:33 pm  
Anonymous Lea Wagner said...

Cavalli is amazing.

Unfortunately, the quality of H&M's clothes is so poor....They literally fall apart.

Maybe this is what H&M needs. Hope it works.

4:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I havent hearded of Cavalli, but if he's dressed Gwyneth Paltrow, he must be someone famous.

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8:05 pm  
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Anonymous Jessie said...

I love Cavalli's style, and his addition to the H&M universe will be fab!

I'm looking for opinions on a stylish colorful flat wallet for with my handbag, what is your opinion of these?

I figured H&M fans would provide good feedback thinking of the blue one - thanks!

10:12 pm  
Anonymous Confidence by CC said...

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5:13 pm  
Anonymous Pyrmont said...

Picked an awesome overcoat at H&M in Zurich last year...

Love their stuff

2:55 am  
Blogger Kira Fashion said...

so nice, it will be so amazing!

amazing blog!
exchange links?
i hope so :)

a kiss

4:49 am  
Anonymous stylebayarea said...

AHhhhhh sooo exciting. That's a fusion that just can't be beat for price and taste! Check out, I think you'd love it and find something that piques your interest!

8:47 am  
Blogger Loula's Boutique said...

Death to the high street chains. All their goods rely on cheap oil. When are people going to stop buying all this stuff?

- Less is more -

7:17 am  
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Blogger Frankfurt Fashion said...

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mmh, i don´t like when designers work for h&m, quality is never the same
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you guys really want to check out some hot new designer... Geren Ford had the cutest tops EVER! like OMG you have no idea! Beyond whatever you would find at H%M if you're talking, like, quality. H&M has great prices but its not like Im going to buy something there that i would like rave about to my friends. but thats just me, anyway i think it was like that i saw his stuff, you should totally check it out

6:58 am  
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2:05 pm  
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Blogger porter hovey said...

fantastic!!!! this will be great!

9:01 am  
Blogger On Track said...

I can't wait to see what comes of this collaboration, I bet it will be great :)

5:21 pm  
Anonymous Fashonkidd said...

Hi this is fashonkidd at West Coast Leather in the Westfield Mall, we are located on the second floor across from BCBG. I like the styles, if you got anything in leather stop by and ask for Skip or Gabriel.S.

11:10 am  
Blogger Gabrielle Zuccaro said...

Cavalli is fabulous!!!

4:58 am  
Anonymous loozegear said...

Now this is what I call exciting that is definitely a coop for HM I can't wait to see his designs

8:27 am  
Anonymous Jenny said...

i think this is exciting, but definitely not amazing. This article says that his designs will be sold for next to nothing, but I think a couple hundred dollars for a wool peacoat is not nothing. The line will still be somewhat expensive compared to H&M regular prices. Many designers have already done similiar things. Many designers partnered up with Target to design lines like Mizrahi. Vera Wang designs a Kohls line. So it is exciting that someone can buy a Roberto Cavalli design, but the specialness is taken out knowing how mass produced that product is and how many other people in the world probably have that product or piece. The pieces will be some what expensive and I do not feel that they would be worth the price. If you were buying a Cavalli anything that was from his own personal collection it would be expensive but it would be made and tailored the best you could get and with some of the best fabrics you could buy. Compared to the H&M Cavalli collection will still be H&M quality but a higher price for the Roberto Cavalli name.

4:13 pm  
Blogger Meghan Fabulous said...

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Stay Fabulous!

7:40 am  
Blogger mia said...

Hahah, jajamensam jag har redan antagit den. Är en populär utmaning så jag gjorde den för några dagar sedan, kolla in och se om du en bättre uppfattning om vem jag är.

Kram Mia

10:38 pm  
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Anonymous Tanya V said...

It is absolutely amazing that H&M is collaborating with Roberto Cavalli. I love it how H&M chooses to do these collaborations with high end designers every once in a while. It gives customers the chance to buy designs that they would normally not be able to afford. Last time H&M did this it was a huge success and the clothes sold out in one day, so it is important for customers to arrive early in order for them to be able to buy these limited additions. It is so exciting that a great designer like Robert Cavalli is designing a line for H&M even if the quality is not as good as his own private label.

I feel every girl should be given the chance to buy designer clothes and with this collaboration they are one step closer to fulfilling that dream. I can not wait to see what Roberto Cavalli has in store for us but I am sure it will be fabulous. I hope he incorporates some dresses in the collection he will be displaying at H&M because his dresses are always beautiful and fit the women’s body perfectly. Everyone remembers the Roberto Cavalli dresses Jennifer Lopez wears as they are always sexy and form fitting.

I do feel though that H&M should design more shoes to go along with their clothes and if they are planning to have Robert Cavalli design a shoe line that would be even better.

Of course the down side to these collaborations is that the quality is not always that good and the clothes sell out so fast. Customers literally have to be at the store right when it opens in order to be able to buy the best the collection has to offer. But nevertheless, we are given the opportunity to buy clothing that is made from a very talented designer and I can only hope that by the time I reach the stores his collection will still be there.

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Let's face it, fashion is a business and H&M is good at it.

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