Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How to Kill a Mocking Bird

While fashion-based characters are projected left, right and center, the most candid and exclusive documentary is soon about to be made; the filming of the documentary of Ms Anna Wintour.

The Director R.J. Cutler, will follow Wintour for the next eight months, chronicling the making of the yearly fashion bible, September Vogue issue. Camera crews will descend upon the halls of Condé Nast in January, and be by her side at her cluttered office at 4 Times Square, as well as trail her at upcoming fashion weeks around the globe. “You see fictionalized versions of Anna all over the place now,” Director Cutler says in an interview. “None of them, of course, are as fascinating as Anna herself.”

All very well Cutler. But in all honesty, why not focus on somebody with character for a change?