Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christina Ribel: A Scandinavian Gem

Gothenburg, Reyjkjavik, Helsinki and Lillehammer – the thought of walking down snow-covered roads in one of these places is enough to make us home sick. But while these Nordic cities make excellent pre-Christmas holiday spots, in a different context we’d think nothing of snow, glögg and Scandinavian delicatessen. Christina Ribel’s connection to the Nordic cities proves further that there are other associations. As names like Copenhagen and Stockholm have provided some great names to the pieces of her collection, we're delighted to have been introduced to this fashion line.

Being the spoilt fashion brutes that we are (*blows air-kisses*), we were lucky enough to receive a few samples from her exquisite t-shirt collection. Delivered in high-duty gift-wrap boxes, the t-shirts were carefully packed in silk paper; this set high expectations for the content. Though unfamiliar with the design, we didn’t know what to expect.

The t-shirts were lovely. What we particularly loved were the clean lines, and 'uncluttered' designs – exclusive t-shirts that you can wear everyday with anything you like. Bold colours and fine quality added to the great feel of wearing these garments. The t-shirts were, and are still as we speak, genuinely fantastic.

The 29-year-old Danish fashion designer says: “The fundamental factor in the creation of the Christina Ribel designs has been to adapt the products after how the female body actually looks and behaves. The tops are tailored after the natural shapes of the female body, with many special features that all result in a unique fit with a slightly extended and curved lower part.”



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I don't want to burst any bubbles or be the Devil's Advocate, but I don't see exactly what is so special with these t-shirts. Do you? It's like selling water for double the price saying it's "special waters with a pH of 7 and hydrates the body the best" heh.

3:32 pm  
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