Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cohen et Sabine

Designer show: Cohen et Sabine
Location: Billich Gallery
Time: 12.00 noon, 29 April
You get a flavour of what you’re about to see, when you read through the collection leaflet before a fashion show. This afternoon at Cohen et Sabine the music section was full of hippie references; Crosby Still Nash & Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Jimmy Hendrix. Don’t get us wrong; we love these musicians, but in a fashion world where new creativity, image, and the overall message are larger than anything else, hippie referrals made in 2006 aren’t an awful lot of good. Up until the show starts, we’re still hoping that we’re foolishly mistaken. But as caftan dresses and silk embellished poncho tops appear, they’re already playing Hair at full blast (yawn). Didn’t we leave this in 2005?


Anonymous Mark R said...

I thought the music was great and the fashoin was awsome. A great designer. Seems to know whats hot. Love the beatles. Shame on you critic....

4:47 pm  

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