Thursday, April 27, 2006

Camilla and Marc-atastrophe

There are delegate passes and then there are delegate passes... Ours today, would most likely come under the category ‘scumbag-class’ delegate. Picture if you will our sense of humour when, after 45 minutes queuing up in the cold, they announce that the showroom is full and no more delegates are let in... Along with 150 other scumbag-class ticket holders, we watch the show from the wide-screen tv monitor outside the hall. For any other show, we wouldn’t bat an eye-lid over this, but for this particular show – Camilla and Marc – we were deeply disappointed by the shortage of space; especially as we had been particularly invited. It was The Show of the week we’d been looking forward to most out of all. Though even judging from the broadcasted collection, their fabulous super minimalist approach is one that we’ll keep on adoring for another season or two. Camilla and Marc can simply do no wrong.


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