Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Charlie Brown

Designer show: Charlie Brown
Location: Cargo Hall, Passenger terminal
Time: 11pm, 26 April
First day of the fashion week is always exciting. In addition to this, we love attending shows of the designers that we're already fond of (last year's review is here). Charlie Brown has become synonymous with bringing in international faces to her shows. Last year it was Jade Jagger who escorted Charlie Brown onto the compulsory podium walk. This year, the UK beauty queen Lily Cole was the prime focus. The collection had a good balance of structure and volume. Heavy jersey balloon dresses and tailored, finely cut ytrium dresses (much like the Roland Mouret design), were sent out one by one. Colours were rather striking; red, yellow and black, dominated the whole collection. It all felt new and fresh and original in a way, though the suggestion to wear black glittery leggings is a theme the northern hemisphere tired of ages ago. Stripes, both narrow and wide, covered mini-bolero jackets, pencil skirts and dresses. The plain, almost nude faces chosen complimented Lily Coles’ firy red hair, which looked gorgeous against striking colours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed. But were there any silver dresses? Or anything in silver? I think we should be told!

3:51 pm  
Anonymous alissa said...

I love all the red dresses on that catwalk! I think its a really bold colour and looks great on so many people. Especially in satin!

7:44 pm  

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