Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nicola Finetti

Designer show: Nicola Fenetti
Location: 96 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Time: 5.15pm, 19 April
Highs: A great location and fantastic weather.
Lows: Oddly flavoured cocktails. But after all, cocktails weren’t the focus on the agenda... ****************************
A pre-
fashion week show has some special benefits. In particular – attendees are not yet exhausted after seeing 20+ other shows. You are undoubtedly more receptive to the surroundings; the clothes, the music, the models, the flashing cameras, etc... Another benefit is how patient people are when a show gets delayed. As a queue of fierce-looking fashion freaks line up next to us, we can’t help but noticing the senior ushers firmly pushing the media to their seats, in order to keep to the initial 5.15pm start-up time. It is now way past this time, but we don’t mind waiting. At +28C in the shade, a Sydney autumn day usually doesn’t get more pleasant than this. In keeping with Finetti’s Italian background, the location is perfect for the evening. The garden next to the Sara Roney Gallery brings to mind Mediterranean style landscaping - smaller sections within a great space, green, lush wall-creepers, and flawless topiary.

is the name of Nicola Finetti’s theme for the evening. Inspired by proportion
s of the late 60’s, we also see influences from the 19th century Art Noveau movement. Volume is a major theme – puffy shoulders and sleeves, crinkle balloon dresses, baby-doll dresses with op-art prints, and tulip skirts. The key colour palette is our favourite; somewhat traditional with shades in off-white, cream and black. Splashes of apricot, caramel and lilac add character to the elegant pieces for next summer. Overall it’s a wearable collection with one instant favourite – a white delicate crochet jacket with wide, stand-away collars.


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