Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kate Moss Does Biba

In London the world's most photographed supermodel has given serious attention to the business press. Giving a kick-start to the reborn label Biba, Kate Moss had the paparazzi close on her tail as she entered the Naihala Lasharie's Notting Hill showroom the other day. The labels original idea, a 'knock-down, throw-away-and-buy-another' philosophy, was based on the fact that the price of fashion was too high for many. Originated in 1964 from mail-order to a store at Kensington Church Street, and a second store close by, Biba became a way of life. Moody, nostalgic clothes and accessories in shades of brown, plum and grey were key players in the collections. Reading more of the label, the collaboration between Moss and Biba may seem obvious to begin with. Though the relaunch at Harrods & co, makes the Biba original idea pretty uneven.


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