Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tales of the Unexpected

London, February 2006. A hole-in-the-wall inside a doorway, leading off London Bridge tube station. The location, The Shunt Vaults, isn’t exactly the average fashion scene you’d expect to be a venue at London fashion week. Like most alternative fashion labels, there’s a bit of an edge to the production and the marketing technique involved. A choice venue like this, gives a fringe label an uncompromising touch to an already edgy image. We’ve briefly discussed Basso and Brooke’s work in the past. Known for their psychedelic colours and juxtapose designs, it’s difficult to say whether we like it or hate it. Strong colours and exotic prints aren’t always a winner... Given these are corner stones of Basso and Brooke’s direction, it’s not an immediate love-at-first-sight situation when you look at some of their past work. Admittedly the most recent collection – named Science & Fiction – is a high standard attention stealer that sticks to mind like chewing gum on a heel in Singapore. Tailored yet floaty, they’ve given a unique touch to fabrics, cuts and prints in their work. We'd say the strongest pieces from the collection are a few unique pieces that recall geometric shapes, abstract art and late-renaissance influences. Check out more of their images here.


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