Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Converse DIY

Quite a few websites let you design your own garments these days. Take Longchamp for instance, where we made up our own bag choosing unique colour combinations, size, accessories, etc. This time, we've come across Converse All Stars' 'Design It Yourself' section. Not that you'd think you'd need another design out of their enormous selection of styles & colours but it's still fun to see what you can create. Inspired by all of this, we came up with a few appearances to test our designer skills. Sadly to say, not one of them are particularly amazing... but what we'd love to see is a pair of high Converse All Stars polka dots - now why haven't they come up with this design by now? (If available, please let us know).


Blogger SprintST1 said...

apparently Converse Japan have a special selection... maybe Converse Japan do the polka (dots)?

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Viagra said...

That is a great idea!

6:33 am  
Anonymous Elliott Broidy said...


2:36 am  

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