Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hats Off To Fall

Days are getting shorter in the Southern hemisphere, and as we speak spring’s just hitting the other side of the globe (lucky sods). We’d cue a few Brits and Yanks on their opinion on a warm AND fashionable fall/winter. After all experience is the name of the game, and these guys can tell a cold [read miserable] fashionista from a happy one. The Italians, on the other hand - though makers of the most stylish fashion in the world - aren’t much for the cold-blooded fashionistas. Prepared for a cold season, we’d snuggle up in our most comfy armchair to set up a plan we love to bits - a plan of fall’s essential wardrobe pieces. So let’s analyse the accessories we’ve picked and update our own ‘it-list’ for fall. Hats are first in this session.

1). Marc Jacobs’ mushroom hats we all know by heart by know. The fun 'mushroomy' shape is a refreshment to see, and adds tons of attitude to the rest of the outfit. Along with Jacobs, we’ve got 2). Burberry Prorsum’s flimsy ladylike hat. How can we not love this hat? It’s a celebration to women and a modern take on demure 19th century fashion. 3). Wunderkind with their ‘Oliver Twist-look-alike' hats are definitely worth a mention. That tomboy side in us still misses the days of tree houses, hopscotching and marble games. For cool autumn days we’d stick to 4). Raplph Lauren’s Highland hunting hats’, as Nicole Phelps so suitably worded it in Vogue. Come to think of it, this is probably our first choice out of the lot. It’s such a cool hat that arguably kicks Marc Jacobs’ puffy hat numbers. Now here’s a question to you all – what’s your favourite hat, and do you have a particularly cool place where you’d get your hats from?

Hats from left: Burberry Prorsum, Ralph Lauren, and Wunderkind


Blogger eurobrat said...

I love the Burberry Prorsum hats from the s/s 06 collection. I'm waiting for one to turn up on ebay!

2:19 pm  
Blogger fashionasian said...

you forgot about the balenciaga F/W06 hats! although not very practical, they are Adorable!!!

2:59 pm  

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