Friday, March 24, 2006

100 Years of Fabulous Weddings

Full title of the book: Bride & Groom – 100 Years of Fabulous Australian Weddings
By: Jane Hutchinson and Simone McKenna
Publisher: Geoff Slattery Publishing
Available when: Due 11 April 2006
Available where: At selected bookstores and department stores in Australia. The book can also be ordered directly through the publisher

Mention the word 'wedding' and most of us get a tad sentimental. Not only do we love howling our heads off at the beautiful ceremony, but a wedding makes a perfectly justified excuse for a full-on shopping extravaganza (glam after shopping cocktails included). Other great things about weddings are the food, the champagne and the chances to mingle whilst dressed up looking like a super puma.

Bride & Groom – 100 Years of Fabulous Australian Weddings is as the name suggests, a book primarily featuring wedding couples. As you all know by now, there’s nothing we love more than a great outfit. The book emphasises different fashions in weddings illustrated by 143 pages of character-filled photos. Sensitively presented, we get guided through unique stories behind each wedding couple’s outfits. It’s fun reading how dresses were chosen, what fashion time era influenced the choice, and the destiny of the frocks post wedding. Images of 70’s style ‘Sue-Ellen-Dallas’ dresses, and adorable little nipped-in waisted wide skirts are delicately presented in the book. The different eras are all represented, in a full-flavoured way that makes this book a real joy to read. Soon-to-be-wed couples should look seriously at this book – it’ll make ‘him-in-doors’ realize how that rock-sized diamond on your ring finger could be balanced.


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Börjar det vara dags eller? :-)

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Haha, du kanner inte karln i mitt hus, det hor jag...

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